Split the payment, not the pleasure

Pay 1/3 first, the rest later.
Split your payments in 3, interest-free.

High spending cap.
Spend up to RM 3,000 with no hidden fees.

Simple to use.
Get billed monthly with automated payments.

Easy registration.
No supporting documents or processing fee required.

How to use Fave.

Buy Now, FavePay Later with CIMB Debit & Credit Cards

Download the "Fave" app.
Fill info and set CIMB's Credit or Debit Card as "Primary Payment" method.
Instant approval! Visit your nearest Switch outlet and start shopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

Add a valid CIMB credit/debit card to your Fave account, you will be able to see a total available amount to spend under My FavePay Later. For a smoother experience, ensure that your card is a locally issued card and is not expiring in the next 3 months.

Yes, only CIMB debit card is available at the moment.

Note: We highly encourage users to use credit card to access more Pay Later amount to spend.

    The first payment will be 1/3 upon date of transaction. Next payment is due 1 month later starting from date of transaction, followed by the last payment to be 2 month later on the same date.

      For instance, Alex purchased a RM1,500 worth of items on 1 Jan 2022. He will pay:
        *RM500 on 1 Jan 2022
          *RM500 on 1 Feb 2022
            *RM500 on 1 Mar 2022

There's no additional charges to use FavePay Later when you pay on time. In the event of instalment wasn't paid on time, a 1.5% fee will be incurred.

Total available amount granted to you are adjusted from time to time based on your profile and repayment behavior.

Generally, verification time takes 5-20 minutes.
Here's some of the commonly faced issues you can prevent:

    *Make sure you are not using a prepaid card
      *Make sure your card is not being used by a different user account
        *Make sure your card is not a foreign card
          *Make sure your card is not expiring in less than 3 months

If you are still facing issues, please reach out to Fave via live chat or hello@myfave.com