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Learn how ADE and MDM solutions with Switch can help to simplify and ease management of your Apple devices, with creative and innovate smart solutions.

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Switch recommends ADE and MDM solutions for your business or schools. Automate the tedious stuff in managing your Apple devices to save time, and learn how to change the ‘hard’ day to day challenges in managing Apple devices to ‘easy’ by consulting our specialist teams for advice.

For School
Connect, control and manage your classes using JAMF School (Formerly ZuluDesk). Accessible management for IT administrators, teachers and parents.
For Business
Monitor, diagnose and secure all your devices across platform (macOS, iOS, Android, Windows) from Cisco Meraki System Manager MDM by using a centralised browser-based dashboard.

Automated Device Enrollment

The Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) helps businesses and schools to easily deploy and configure their organisation owned Apple devices - iPhone, iPads, Macs, and AppleTV - in a streamlined manner when purchased from Switch.

Device Enrolment
Zero-touch configuration for IT
With ADE, large-scale deployments of iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV are seamless. Once devices have been activated, you can immediately configure account settings, apps, and access to IT services over the air.
Wireless Supervision
With ADE, supervision is wirelessly enabled on a device as part of the setup process. It allows additional restrictions, such as turning off iMessage, AirDrop, or Game Center. Restriction such as web content filtering and Single App Mode is also provided.
Mandatory and lockable MDM enrolment
All iOS, macOS, and tvOS devices added to ADE will be enrolled automatically in MDM. Automatic enrollment ensures that devices are configured based on your organization’s requirements, and guarantees that all users receive those configurations on their devices.
Streamlined Setup
ADE also makes it easier for your users to set up their Apple Product devices. Using an MDM solution to configure your organization’s devices, users are guided through the activation process with the built-in Setup Assistant.
Manual Device Enrollment
You can also manually enroll iOS devices and Apple TV in ADE using Apple Configurator. With manual device enrollment, a 30-day provisional period begins once a device is activated. During that period, users can remove their devices from enrollment, supervision, and MDM

Volume Purchasing Program

The Volume Purchase Program (VPP) makes it simple to find, buy, and distribute apps and books in bulk for your organisation. Whether your workforce uses iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can provide great content that’s ready for work with flexible and secure distribution options.

Volume Purchase
Get apps and books in bulk
Through the VPP store, you can buy apps for both Mac and iOS as well as books from the iBooks Store. You can also get custom-made (B2B) apps that are built uniquely for you by third-party developers and procured privately through the VPP store, so your business gets exactly what it needs.
Buy with purchase orders
Use a purchase order to buy VPP Credit redeemable on the VPP store. VPP Credit can be procured for a specific dollar amount and is delivered electronically to account administrators. You can buy VPP Credit through your Apple account.
Streamline distribution
Assign apps and books to users or groups through Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions — giving you complete ownership and control over your content. You can choose to distribute content via redeemable codes permanently transferring the app or book directly to your users when the apps is no longer use.

Deployment Technologies

Our team has expertise in a vast array of MDM solutions and deployment technologies. Talk to us about how we can help you with anything Apple & Beyond!

Apple Configurator
A macOS tool to manage all your Apple devices.
It allows administrators to configure all iOS devices in your organization with the settings, apps, and data.

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Frequently Asked Questions And Terms & Conditions

Not sure what to purchase, or how to get your new Apple devices up and running in your company? We are here to help!

Switch® offers professional pre-sales consultation service to provide sound advice, and relevant recommendations towards a successful purchase and deployment of Apple hardware solutions for your company.
We provide flexible deployment and implementation services that can be customised to cater for companies of any size, or any complexity, and offer end-user training services to ensure your company fully utilise the solutions purchased.

Want to manage, maintain, and secure your fleet of Apple hardware in your company? We provide ADE, VPP and MDM solutions!

Switch® is an Authorised Reseller of Apple ADE (Automated Device Enrollment ), and provide Apple VVP (Volume Purchase Plan) for AppStore apps, and MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions.
This means that we can offer your company an amazing solution to help you maintain, secure, and manage all the Apple devices within your company – And it will save your company time, reduce tedious effort, and increase compliance to company policy on software and security.

Afford Apple products for your school or company with our leasing plans!

Want to purchase the best Apple products for use in your company without breaking your bank?

Switch® offers various leasing plans in partnership with IBM and ORIX financing!

With leasing flexibility, you can reduce the burden on your company’s expenses, while offering your employees the best products from Apple to increase productivity and profitability.

Bring your classroom experience to the next level with our education solutions!

From hardware, to software, and integration with various tools and accessories, as well as a wide range of peripherals to select from, Switch® provides various solutions catered for education.
Worried about where to start and what to do? Our team of experienced specialists, and our wide pool of professional contacts, will ensure that you will get correct, and constructive, advise to ensure that your school gets the right solution.