Get free iCloud+ with 50GB storage for 3 months.

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When you upgrade to iCloud+, you get access to the following features:

Frequently Asked Questions

After you upgrade, your storage and features are available immediately, and your monthly payment date reflects the purchase date for your plan.

If you upgrade from one paid plan to another, Apple will cancel your existing plan and charge you the pro rata cost** of your new, larger plan.

    You'll be billed every month for iCloud+ unless you downgrade or cancel your plan. Each month you'll get an email by Apple to remind you of your upcoming payment.

    When you upgrade to iCloud+, you get access to the following features:

    iCloud Private Relay: Private Relay (beta) is an internet privacy service that hides your IP address in Safari and protects your unencrypted traffic. When it is on, you can browse the web in a more secure and private way.

    Hide My Email: create unique, random email addresses that forward to your personal inbox so you can receive email without having to share your personal email address.

    Custom Email Domain: personalise your iCloud Mail email address with a custom domain name. You can invite your family members to use the same domain with their iCloud Mail accounts.

    Family Sharing: lets you and up to five other family members share access to amazing Apple services like Apple Music, Apple TV+ and Apple Arcade. Your group can also share iTunes, Apple Books, and App Store purchases, an iCloud storage plan, and a family photo album. You can even help locate each other’s missing devices.

    See the monthly pricing and plans for iCloud+ below;

    50 GB: RM3.90
    200 GB: RM11.90
    2 TB: RM39.90

    Find a comprehensive library of help articles in Apple's Support page.