SURE Service Plan

Protect your Apple devices

Why you might need it

Unforeseen accidents? Well that happens.

But what’s next is unforeseeable cost of repair that comes along with the damaged device. Here’s where SURE Service Plan comes in!

Get your favorite Apple Devices covered with “SURE Service Plan” where at a nominal fee, your device will eligible for physical repair or replacement for up to 24 months (From Purchase Date).

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iPhone, iPad & Apple Watch

* Valid only when purchased together with an iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch at Switch.
* T&C apply.


* Valid only when purchased together with a Mac at Switch.
* T&C apply.

Terms and conditions

- SURE Service Plan (SSP) is only purchasable, during the purchase of the new Apple device in store
- An “Added Fee” will be charged for Mac Hardware covered by SSP that suffer irreparable damage. A new Mac replacement will be provided however will NOT include Box Packaging or relevant peripherals.
- A “Top-Up Fee” will be charged, should the Repair / Replacement claim exceed the covered value (The Purchase Value of the Apple device).
- Each Service Repair Request will be subjected for approval.
- The added fee does not include an 8% Sales and Services Tax (SST)
- Other terms & conditions applies;

SURE Service Plan

“Enrolled Device” means one Eligible Device purchased by you or one Replacement Device provided by us to you under the SURE Service Plan. 
The Enrolled Device, designated by you at the time of enrollment and identified by the International Manufacturer’s Equipment Identification (IMEI), Electronic Serial Number (ESN) or Mobile Equipment ID (MEID), must be registered in your name, on the issued Cashbill to you.

“Eligible Device” means the wireless mobile device that we have designated as eligible for enrollment under the SURE Service Plan as set forth in the list of Eligible Devices and device tier available from us from time to time.

“Replacement Device” means a wireless mobile device (whether new or refurbished) of the same make, storage and model (but not necessarily colour), or if the same make, storage and model is not in stock or the production for the Eligible Device is discontinued by the original equipment manufacturer, the replacement device will be a different model of similar feature, functionality and fair market price to the Eligible Device at the time of the Service Request (but may not be the same brand or model), with the same operating system and will not be a model that is older than the Protected Equipment, which we will provide to you in the event of a Failure of the Eligible Device.
Replacement Equipment becomes Enrolled Device once it has been delivered to you or acknowledged receipt by you.

“The Plan” means the SURE Service Plan in which you have enrolled in which you are eligible for repair claim or replacement service (subject to approval)

“Switch - Authorized Apple Service Provider” means the location or locations that serve as a repair or replacement facility for the SURE Service Plan and supply replacements for Protected Equipment.

“Enrolled Subscriber” means Switch or Urban Republic customer who has accepted The Plan offered by Switch / Urban Republic and has paid all applicable fees due with respect to the Enrolled Device.

“Added Fee” means the amount the Enrolled Customer pays towards his or her approved service request.

“Service Claim Request” means the request for service that you file with us when your Eligible Device requires a physical repair / replacement.

“Physical Damage” means the damage on your device that requires a Service Claim Request

Terms & Conditions

SURE Service Plan

1. What is SURE Service Plan?
SURE Service Plan is a Plan that provides Service Claim Request (Physical Damage) on Apple devices that aren’t covered by manufacturer’s warranty for up to 24 months, from date of purchase. 

Service Claim Request can be made at anytime during the 12 months (up to 24 months) period, and covers up to the Apple Device value (Upon purchase) 

2. What are the Eligible Device that can be subscribed to SURE Service Plan?
iPhone / iPad / Apple Watch / Mac

3. Service Claim Request
Service Claim Request can be made for any form of repair on the Enrolled Device for physical damage, so as long as the device is present. 

Service Claim Request can be be made at anytime during the 12 months (up to 24 months) period, and covers up to the Apple Device value (Upon purchase), subject to approval based on the pre-service diagnostic situation (Refer to No.5,6)

Should Service Claim Request repair / replacement exceed the Purchase Device Value, the Enrolled customer can choose to top up with the balance difference in order to proceed with the Service Claim Request. 

Each approved Service Claim Request is subject to a non-refundable flat fee Added Fee Charges. (Refer to No.7)

We will require you to provide proof of purchase for the Enrolled Device and/or your government-issued photo ID., a copy of your wireless bill, and/or other documentation or information as reasonably necessary to establish your identity and right to Service Claim Repair. 

4. Manufacture’s Warranty
The SURE Service Plan complements with the Apple manufacturer’s warranty, which is typically valid for one year from the purchase date of the Apple device. 
Please refer to the manufacturer’s warranty provided with your wireless mobile device or through the manufacturer’s website to understand what protection is offered and the duration of the manufacturer’s warranty. 

5. Locked Device
If you file a Service Request, we will ask you at the time you file your Service Claim Request to disable any locking feature on your Enrolled Device, such as the “Find my iPhone”.
 If you fail to disable the locking feature, we may, in our sole discretion, decline to approve your Service Claim Request. You may avoid having your service request denied by disabling the locking feature on your protected equipment at the time you file your service request.

 6. Unauthorized Repair
During the Service Claim Request diagnostic phase, should your Enrolled Device be detected to have underwent a repair from any unauthorized service repair or contains non-original Apple parts, the appointed Authorized Apple Service Provider has the right to refuse to proceed with the Service Request & return the Enrolled Device back to the Enrolled Subscriber. 

7. Added Fee
A non-refundable Added Fee applies to each approved Service Claim Request.
The Added Fees are applicable to each approved Service Claim Request and are payable to the appointed Authorized Apple Service Provider. 

You will be informed at the time you submit your Service Claim Request of the applicable Added Fee.